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Last Call: 5.7M Taxpayers on the Brink of Missing the Self Assessment Deadline

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Table of Content

Table of Content

As the January 31 self assessment deadline approaches, a significant 5.7 million taxpayers find themselves in a scramble to meet their 2022/23 obligations. What adds to the challenge is the limited telephone support from HMRC, leaving many taxpayers and agents grappling with concerns about access to timely assistance.

Filing Frenzy During the Festive Season

The festive period witnessed a notable surge in tax return filings, with 6.5 million taxpayers taking on their tax responsibilities. New Year’s Day alone saw a substantial 23,724 taxpayers making their submissions, surpassing the previous January’s figures.

Self Assessment Deadline

The three-day Christmas period marked a proactive effort, with 25,769 returns filed, reflecting a trend of taxpayers addressing their tax obligations well before the Self Assessment Tax Return deadline.

Navigating Challenges Amid Limited Helpline Support

While taxpayers strive to meet the impending Self Assessment deadline, HMRC’s decision to screen calls and limit telephone support has ignited discussions and raised concerns. Intended to direct queries toward online resources, this approach has sparked debates about accessibility and efficiency.

Self Assessment Deadline

Critics argue that the restrictions may inadvertently create bottlenecks, echoing worries about the closure of self-assessment helplines for three months during the summer. As the urgency for last-minute clarifications intensifies, taxpayers and agents face the challenge of navigating through a support system constrained by limited helpline support.

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Industry Response and Concerns

The move to restrict telephone support has triggered reactions from various quarters, with some expressing concerns about the practicality of directing complex queries to online platforms. Critics argue that taxpayers often resort to phone calls due to the unavailability or inefficiency of alternative channels.

Concerns have been voiced about potential delays and complications as taxpayers seek essential clarifications during this crucial period. The ongoing debate raises questions about balancing accessibility with the need for efficient tax-related assistance.

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