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Removing an Overseas Entity – A Complete Guide

The Register of Overseas Entities (ROE) plays a pivotal role in the government's efforts to increase transparency in the ownership of Overseas Entities that own UK land or property. It mandates that Overseas Entities possessing

Multiple Dwellings Relief to be Abolished: Find out the Changes Announced in the Budget Statement

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented the Budget Statement and made some shocking announcements. Among the changes, most people were surprised by the abolition of Multiple Dwellings Relief. Below are the key highlights announced by Jeremy Hunt.

Subletting – A Guide for Landlords

Subletting is common in the rental market, where a tenant rents out a part or the entirety of their rented property to another party. While subletting can provide tenants with flexibility, it can pose challenges

Sole trader vs Limited Company – A Strategic Guide for Traders

Whether you are trading a property through a limited company or through individual trading, there are many aspects that one needs to be careful of.To avoid any unnecessary hassle, we are going to delve into

A Complete Guide to Stamp Duty Refund

The UK government imposes Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on the acquisition of land and properties over a specified threshold value.SDLT is a crucial aspect of property transactions, often representing a significant expense for buyers.

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