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Company Director barred: £170k false HMRC Tax Claim


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Table of Content

Table of Content

Stoyan Petkov Kostov, hailing from Burnley, has been disqualified as a company director for a staggering 12 years. His disqualification comes in the wake of falsely claiming a substantial amount of £170,000 through an HMRC tax scheme.

Falsified Claims Under the Construction Industry Scheme

Kostov’s deceitful actions revolve around the construction industry scheme (CIS). The scheme involves contractors deducting money from payments made to subcontractors, which is then forwarded to HMRC as advance payments for taxes and national insurance.

Between 22 April 2019 and 22 January 2020, Kostov reportedly made fraudulent claims, totalling at least £170,284 from HMRC under this very scheme.

The Deceptive Operation of KGL

Adding to the complexity of the matter is Kostov’s association with Kostov Group Ltd (KGL). As the sole director of KGL, he registered the company with HMRC under the CIS, acting both as a contractor and subcontractor. Subsequently, KGL submitted repayment claims to HMRC, citing payments supposedly received from a third-party contractor company. This led to KGL receiving a significant sum of £170,284.

Unraveling the Deception

Company Director barred

The authorities, however, grew suspicious and launched an investigation into the claims made by KGL. HMRC thoroughly examined the company’s bank statements but could not find any evidence of payments from the alleged third-party contractor company. Further scrutiny revealed that the said contractor company had filed an application to strike off the company on Companies House on 1 January 2019, resulting in its dissolution on 6 August 2019.

Frozen Accounts and Recovery

As a result of the investigation, HMRC obtained an order to freeze KGL’s bank account on 14 July 2020. This step was crucial in preserving the funds held in the account. The tax authority managed to recoup a portion of the misappropriated funds as part of their efforts to mitigate the impact of Kostov’s fraudulent activities.

A 12-Year Director Disqualification

Company Director barred: £170k false HMRC Tax Claim

The Insolvency Service, which oversees cases of this nature, played a vital role in this entire episode. As per their assessment, Kostov’s failure to provide any books and records to support the CIS claims weighed heavily in the decision to disqualify him as a company director for 12 years.

The severe disqualification serves as a stern warning to those considering engaging in fraudulent practices. It underscores the importance of adhering to ethical conduct and maintaining transparency in financial matters.

This incident should act as a reminder to all businesses and individuals that the authorities are vigilant in safeguarding against financial misconduct. Such actions not only result in severe penalties but also tarnish one’s reputation irreparably.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, upholding the principles of honesty and integrity remains paramount for a sustainable and trustworthy environment.

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