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Buy-to-Let Sector Aims for Image Transformation Amidst Media Criticism


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Table of Content

Table of Content

The buy-to-let sector in the UK is currently navigating a turbulent landscape, dealing with tax alterations, and facing surging mortgage rates. 

Furthermore, it’s not just financial challenges causing concern in the Buy-to-Let Sector landlords are increasingly distressed by their portrayal in the media.

Expert’s Opinion

Within this context, an expert goes as far as to argue that the media portrays landlords as greedy exploiters of renters. The Expert emphasises that landlords find themselves financially squeezed due to tax burdens and increasing mortgage rates.

In this context, an expert even argues that the media's narrative paints landlords as avaricious exploiters of renters. The Expert emphasizes that landlords find themselves financially squeezed due to tax burdens and escalating mortgage rates.

Similarly, another expert agrees and asserts that landlords are unfairly labelled as ‘bad people’ and ‘profiteers’ wherever they go.

A Recent Survey

A recent survey underscores this sentiment, revealing that many landlords are eager to shed the term “landlord” altogether. 

Continuing into the expert’s guidance, many have even stated that certain segments of the media have portrayed the buy-to-let community negatively, attributing part of landlords’ difficulties to government-enforced initiatives such as Theresa May’s 3% SDLT surcharge.

The survey also explores alternative terms that the buy-to-let (BTL) community prefers over "landlords." The leading choice among respondents is "Small Housing Providers" (43%), followed by the traditional term "Landlords" (36%). Other suggestions, such as "Rental Accommodation Provider," garnered 7% support.

Summarising the above,

  • 43% of respondents prefer to be called “Small Housing Providers.”
  • 36% are comfortable with the term “Landlords.”
  • 7% support the alternative term “Rental Accommodation Provider.”
  • 14% had other preferences or no specific preference for a term to describe themselves.

Landlord’s Remarks

These experts have also highlighted the heavy tax burden landlords endure, with many paying a staggering 40% tax on their rental income, in addition to stamp duty. 

Moreover, the expert argues that this significant financial contribution by landlords to the government doesn’t necessarily benefit first-time buyers.

Lastly, experts conclude, this can only change by urging the government to recognise and applaud landlords’ vital role in the housing sector.

To conclude, the expert contends that landlords are essentially bailing out the government, asserting that those preparing for retirement through property investment should not face criticism for securing their financial future.

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