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UK to Double Second-Home Owners’ Taxes for Affordable Housing Boost


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Table of Content

In a move aimed at addressing the pressing need for more affordable housing in the UK, the government is contemplating granting local councils the power to increase property taxes for second-home owners.

The tax hike is expected to be a significant source of revenue to fund the construction of affordable accommodation, and it could come into effect from April 2025, pending the final stages of approval in Parliament.

According to experts, approximately a quarter of England’s local councils have already expressed support for this measure, including popular holiday destinations like Devon, Cornwall, the Lake District, and Norfolk.

Revenues from the proposed tax increase on second homes could play a crucial role in fulfilling the government’s pledge to build one million new homes, a commitment that has become a central issue as the country gears up for an upcoming national election.

Empowering Local Councils to Tackle Housing Crisis

Under the proposed legislation, local councils will be empowered to double property taxes for owners of second homes. This measure is part of a comprehensive plan to regenerate local economies and address the shortage of affordable housing stock in the country.

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Spearheaded by Michael Gove, the minister responsible for affordable housing, this initiative aims to alleviate the growing waiting lists for homes faced by housing associations due to reduced government funding following the financial crisis.

By directing the additional tax revenues towards affordable housing construction, the government hopes to create a more inclusive and sustainable housing market.

A Controversial Step Towards Building a Million Homes

The potential tax hike has drawn both support and criticism as it edges closer to becoming law. While proponents argue that it will boost funding for much-needed affordable housing, opponents worry that it may have unintended consequences on the property market and second-home ownership.

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The decision to allow local councils to decide on implementing the tax increase highlights the complexity of balancing the interests of homeowners, prospective buyers, and those in need of affordable housing.


As the bill progresses through Parliament, the UK stands at a crucial juncture in its efforts to address the housing crisis. The proposed tax hike for second-home owners could unlock significant funding for affordable housing construction, helping to alleviate the persistent shortage of homes in the country.

With housing emerging as a critical national election issue, the government’s commitment to building one million new homes has garnered attention from all corners. As the deadline approaches and discussions continue, the nation waits to see whether this bold move will indeed pave the way for a more inclusive and accessible housing market in the years to come.

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