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Auto-Enrolment: Pension Compliance Made Easy with UKPA with Ease

Are you an employer based in the UK? Are you aware of the Automatic Enrolment regulations concerning workplace pension schemes? Let our dedicated team help you navigate through the complexities of pension regulations effortlessly.

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What You Need to Know About Auto-Enrolment Pension Compliance

Pension auto-enrolment compliance is a legal requirement for employers in the UK to automatically enroll eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme. By complying with these regulations, employers play a vital role in securing the financial future of their employees.



Employers of all sizes in the UK, including businesses, charities, and not-for-profit organisations, must comply with auto-enrolment regulations. Even if you employ just one person, you are still required to comply.

Contribution Required

Contribution Required

Employers must contribute a minimum of 3% of the staff earnings into the pension scheme. The combined contribution, including both employer and employee contributions, should amount to 8% of the staff earnings. This means employees contribute 5% on top of the employer’s 3% contribution.



Not all employees are automatically eligible for auto-enrolment in the UK. To be enrolled, an employee must meet specific criteria: they must be at least 22 years old but below the state pension age, actively working in the UK, and earning a minimum annual salary of £10,000.

Pension Schemes

Pension Schemes

Before making pension contributions, it is crucial to choose a suitable pension scheme and register with it. Some of the following common pension providers are National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), Creative Pension Trust, The Lewis Workplace Pension Trust etc.

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Under the current pension regulations, every employer in the UK must put certain staff into a workplace pension scheme and contribute towards it. This is called ‘Automatic Enrolment’. UK Property Accountants have a dedicated pension compliance team to help you comply with the pension regulations.

How much pension contribution is required?

The minimum contribution by the employer in the pension scheme is 3% of the staff earnings. The total minimum contribution is 8% (which means employees have to contribute 5% on top of 3% employer’s contribution).

However, you may choose to pay more if you choose to do so.

The staff earnings, in this case, means a specified range of earnings between £6,240 to £50,270 for the tax year 2021/22. These figures are reviewed each year by the government.

Staff earnings include the following types of staff pay:

You can use the Employer Contributions Calculator by the pension regulator to find out the exact contribution figure.

How does the pension enrolment mechanism work?

The first thing to do before making the pension contribution is to choose the pension scheme and register with the pension scheme. Following are the most common pension providers for small companies:

Once registered with one of the pension schemes, you will need to deduct the pension from the employee’s pay and send both employee and employer’s contributions to the pension scheme. You will also need to file a pension scheme return each month to let the pension scheme know about the pension contributions.

UK Property Accountants can help you with all this process.