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Mortgage Rate Crunch & Challenges in UK Property Market


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Table of Content

Table of Content

In a startling revelation, a recent study has uncovered a significant upheaval in the UK property market. Landlords are feeling the heat as rising mortgage rates hit hard, triggering a potential sell-off wave. 

A staggering £15bn is now being drained annually from landlords’ pockets due to the termination of their once-cheap buy-to-let mortgage deals. This alarming figure represents a 40% increase from last year and a staggering 58% surge since November 2021, spelling ominous days for property investors.

High Mortgages

The relentless surge in mortgage rates has become a critical concern for landlords. Previously, falling interest rates led to a decline in mortgage interest payments, creating a boon for property investors.

Mortgage Rate Crunch & Challenges

However, the reversal of this trend has left landlords reeling. Experts predict that if the current trajectory continues, landlords could be forking out over £20bn in mortgage interest over the next two years, representing more than half of their rental income.

The Future Landscape

Forecasts paint a challenging future for landlords as mortgage costs continue to climb. If rates reach 6%, landlords could be shelling out an astronomical £26.8bn annually.

The Future Landscape

This situation not only impacts landlords’ financial viability but also puts upward pressure on rents, making housing affordability a growing concern.


The rising mortgage rates saga is reshaping the UK property market, posing formidable challenges for landlords and tenants alike. As mortgage costs soar, landlords are faced with tough decisions, potentially triggering a sell-off trend.

This evolving scenario calls for a re-evaluation of property investment strategies and underscores the need for innovative solutions to ensure the stability of the housing market in these turbulent times.

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