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Landlords Grapple with Section 21 Abolition in 2024


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Table of Content

Table of Content

In a recent survey conducted by Zero Deposit, the anxieties of landlords echo loudly, with the abolition of Section 21 evictions emerging as the paramount concern for 2024.

This pivotal legislative change, part of the Renters (Reform) Bill, is triggering waves of apprehension among landlords, influencing their outlook on the rental market.

Concerns with Rental Strategies

A survey, encompassing insights from 1,042 landlords predominantly managing small portfolios, reveals a nuanced landscape. While 21% express optimism about the rental market in the coming year, 24% adopt a pessimistic stance, and a majority of 55% remain cautiously neutral.

Landlord Concerns Amidst Section 21 Uncertainties

However, the focal point remains the impending abolition of Section 21 evictions, which commands the attention of landlords navigating through a sea of uncertainties.

Landlords grapple not only with legislative changes but also with the practical challenges of maintaining and running their buy-to-let portfolios. The cost of repairs, legislative adjustments, and the perennial quest for reliable tenants collectively contribute to the intricate tapestry of concerns.

Renters Reform

As the Renters (Reform) Bill shapes the terrain, Section 21 abolition stands out as the single most significant worry. The potential ripple effects, including limits to rent increases and alterations to notice periods, closely follow as formidable challenges. Moreover, the evolving landscape may grant tenants greater rights concerning pet ownership, introducing another layer of complexity for landlords.

Landlords Balance Concerns with Rental Strategies

An expert, emphasises the need for a more lenient tax regime and additional stimuli to encourage landlords to invest in the sector. Without such support, the supply of rental stock may dwindle, leading to a continued surge in rental prices throughout 2024.

In a surprising twist, despite the myriad challenges, a notable 68% of landlords express intent to maintain current rent levels, showcasing a delicate understanding of tenants’ financial constraints. The expert interprets this as a testament to the positive relationships between landlords and tenants.


As the rental market evolves, landlords find themselves at a crossroads, balancing concerns over Section 21 abolition with a commitment to fostering positive tenant relationships.

The path forward demands a delicate equilibrium between legislative adaptation and strategic rental management. In the absence of comprehensive support, the repercussions of Section 21 changes could reshape the dynamics of property investment in the UK.

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