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HMRC’s Loan Charge Settling Disguised Remuneration Schemes


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Table of Content

Table of Content

Disguised remuneration schemes are intricate financial arrangements that utilise loans in place of traditional income, aiming to evade Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

These schemes operate by providing employees with loans, often through offshore trusts, which are not subject to the same tax regulations as salaries.

Introducing the Loan Charge

In response to the proliferation of disguised remuneration schemes, HMRC introduced the loan charge. This measure is designed to Reclaim the Unpaid Taxes from individuals involved in these schemes.

The Loan Charge consolidates all outstanding loans from such schemes and levies a tax on them, ensuring that individuals are held accountable for the evaded taxes. 

Managing Tax Liabilities with HMRC

For individuals facing challenges in settling their tax liabilities under the loan charge, HMRC offers a supportive framework. Taxpayers can collaborate with HMRC to establish feasible payment plans based on their individual circumstances.

Importantly, there are no rigid time constraints; individuals are granted the necessary flexibility to repay the owed amount.


In the realm of complex tax challenges like disguised remuneration schemes and the loan charge, professional consultation is indispensable. At UK Property Accountants, we provide concise, tailored solutions, ensuring individuals navigate these intricacies seamlessly. Trust our expertise for sound financial advice, compliance, and lasting peace of mind.

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