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£3m Mortgage Fraud Convicts Accountant and Financial Adviser


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Table of Content

Table of Content

In a significant legal development, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has successfully prosecuted Larry Barreto, an accountant based in the East Midlands, and Tassib Hussain, a former financial adviser, for orchestrating a sophisticated £3 million mortgage fraud scheme. During an earlier hearing, Barreto faced 11 counts of fraud by false representation, while his co-defendant, Hussain, pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation. The charges stem from their involvement in making fraudulent mortgage applications valued at approximately £3 million.

The Deceptive Tactics: Inflated Incomes and False Documentation

The fraudulent activities unfolded over a significant period, ranging from January 2015 to March 2018. During this time, Barreto, lacking the necessary authorisation from the FCA, advised clients seeking residential mortgages. In an elaborate scheme designed to deceive lenders, Barreto dishonestly inflated the reported incomes of applicants in 11 cases. Clients were charged fees for these services, with the funds paid in cash to accountant Hussain.

Mortgage Fraud Convicts Accountant and Financial Adviser

In a parallel effort, Hussain generated false self-employment and employment documents to support mortgage applications, manipulating income figures to suit the fraudulent scheme. Additionally, the duo fabricated documents, purportedly issued by HMRC, containing false income details, which were then submitted to lenders by Barreto. Hussain took the deception further by falsely claiming to employ two applicants, producing fake employment contracts and payslips that were also forwarded to lenders.

Consequences and Legal Ramifications: Sentencing Awaits

The ramifications of this fraudulent scheme were substantial, as lenders unknowingly granted mortgages based on false and manipulated information. The sentencing for both individuals is scheduled for February 23, 2024. Steve Smart, joint executive director of enforcement, underscored the severity of their actions. He stated that Barreto and Hussain knowingly misled clients and lenders for financial gain, thereby jeopardising borrowers and exposing lenders to potential losses. This conviction highlights the FCA’s commitment to combating fraud within the financial sector and serves as a stern warning to those engaged in similar criminal activities.

Consequences and Legal Ramifications: Sentencing Awaits

Larry Barreto’s legal troubles are not new to regulatory authorities. Having been previously struck off as a financial adviser by the Personal Investment Authority in 1996 and prohibited from carrying on regulated activity by the Financial Services Authority in 2004, Barreto’s involvement in fraudulent mortgage schemes adds another layer to his checkered history. These past regulatory actions raise questions about the efficacy of monitoring and preventing individuals with a history of financial misconduct from engaging in fraudulent activities in the future.

Conclusion: Upholding Financial Integrity

As the legal proceedings unfold, the case reinforces the importance of stringent regulatory measures to uphold financial integrity. Mortgage fraud poses risks to lenders and exposes borrowers to unsustainable levels of debt. In this instance, the FCA’s pursuit of justice sends a strong message to individuals contemplating similar actions – fraudulent activities in the financial sector will be met with severe legal consequences. The upcoming sentencing will determine the extent of the penalties imposed on Barreto and Hussain for their roles in this intricate and illicit mortgage fraud scheme.

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